Benefits Summary

Summary of Employee Benefits for the University of Montana

For the most up-to-date benefit information, please visit the Human Resource Services benefit page.


Faculty, Professionals, and Staff receive the following benefits:

Annual Leave
Accrues upon employment. Available for use after six months. Employees earn vacation leave based on the number of hours worked in a pay period.
Accrual rate depends on the number of years of service. Starting at 10 hours per month or 4.62 per 80 hours, pro-rated for less than full-time.
One day - 10 yrs: earns 15 days per year
10 yrs – 15 yrs: earns 18 days
15 yrs – 20 yrs: earns 21 days
20 yrs on: earns 24 days

New Year’s, Martin Luther King, Jr., President’s Days, Memorial, Independence, Labor, State General Election, Veterans, Thanksgiving, & Christmas .
The Board of Regents may exchange certain work days for the same number of legal holidays.

Sick Leave
Accrues upon employment. Available for use after 90 days. Employee earns sick leave based on the number of hours worked in a pay period.
Full time employee accrues 8 hours of sick leave per month, or 3.69 for 80 hrs worked, or pro-rated according to the number of hours worked if less than full-time.
Sick leave may be used for personal or family illness and medical or dental appointments.

Jury Duty
Leave with pay for jury duty or other required appearance before a court, legislative committee, or other public body.
Employee’s payment from the court for duty (not travel) is given to the University or the employee may elect to take annual leave.

Military Leave
Member of US military force who has been employed for six continuous months.
Eligible employees are entitled to leave of absence with pay for a period of time not to exceed working days in a calendar.
year for attending regular encampments or active duty training programs. Military leave may not be taken for regular scheduled drills.

Self-funded medical coverage for employee, spouse and children.
Additional information is available on the Montana University System Choices website

Choice of self-funded dental coverage.  Administered by Delta Dental Insurance Company.

Basic Life
Choice of Basic Life coverage: $15,000, $30,000 or $48,000-- includes Accidental Death and Dismemberment. Provided by The Standard Insurance Company.

Long Term Disability
Choice of LTD coverage: 60% of pay/6 month wait; 66-2/3% of pay/6 month wait; or 66-2/3% of pay/4 month wait. Provided by The Standard Insurance Company.

Retirement Plan
Eligibility and plan specifics is dependent on the position type—see the Full Benefits Summary.

Employee & Dependent Partial Tuition Waiver
University Employee must be permanent, past the probationary period, and working at least 3/4 time (.75 FTE).
For Dependent waiver, employee must be permanent, and have at least 5 years of continuous employment of at least 3/4 time (.75 FTE).
Eligible employees are entitled to a waiver of in-state incidental fees for regular courses of study at UM, subject to supervisor and administrative approval.
Under federal law, tuition reductions granted to employees in a graduate status are considered as income & are subject to withholding taxes.
Employees who terminate during the academic semester in which they receive a waiver will be required to reimburse the university for the value of the waiver.

Wellness Program
Offers a variety of health screenings and informational workshops. Attendance is optional.

Campus Recreation
Offers a variety of services to campus & the community, including management of recreational
facilities, equipment checkout and rentals, outdoor and indoor recreational classes, intramural
sports, events, tournaments, and outings (hikes, float trips, etc). Fee required. Check out Campus Recreation at